The Wharf was born in in 1977 from an idea by Reston architect Michael Oxman. "When I decided to become a townhouse developer for my own design," he said in a 1977 architectural magazine review, "I looked first at some lakefront property. Trouble is, only 20 percent of the townhouses on those sites are actually on the water. Those sell quickly, then there is often a long period trying to sell the off-water homes." (AE Concepts in Wood Design, Jan-Feb 1978, p. 9).

Construction began in the fall of 1979 and the first units were completed in 1981. By the end of 1983, all 29 of the west pond homes had been sold, and homeowners met to set up The Wharf Cluster Association. They elected the first Board of Directors in early 1984.

In late 1985, plans were submitted to Fairfax County and The Wharf Cluster Association to construct the east pond and 26 new homes around it. Construction commenced in the spring of 1986. By the summer of 1988, homes on the east pond were complete and most had been sold. The Wharf Cluster Association board worked closely with Fairfax County and the William B. Hopke Company to insure the integrity of the new pond. On October 28, 1991, The Wharf held an outdoor party to celebrate the completion of the east pond. Fairfax County Supervisor Martha Pennino attended and did the honors of cutting the ribbon for the east pond's dedication.

The Wharf owes a great deal of gratitude to the late Mrs. Pennino for the success of our community.