The Wharf ecosystem includes its water systems, animal life, vegetation and infrastructure. The water systems include two warm-water fish ponds, an outflow pond, a creek, a waterfall and fountains. These enhance the visual beauty of the area and serve to bring residents together. Many animals besides fish live in the ponds. Frogs, ducks, turtles and birds are commonly seen during the spring and summer. Canada geese, once a migratory species, are now native to our area. Vegetation at The Wharf consists of grasses, trees, bushes and flowers around the ponds and creek as well as along the perimeter of the community and residences. Native species are used in all new plantings. Infrastructure in The Wharf includes light poles, sidewalks, parking, community roads, bridges and paths as well as the water systems.

Water features are not the only areas owned by The Wharf community. The cluster entrances, bridges, parking lots, mailbox areas and grounds along the perimeter of the property are common areas. Some planted areas between and beside privately-owned homes are also designated as common property. The Wharf Cluster Association Board of Directors determines when items such as trees and bushes may be added or removed from the common property.